1. Get creative - Cards

Start the party with planning courtesy of our free Drag and Drop Index Card system. Map out your story beats using free form cards or the inbuilt support for *BS2, Save The Cat structure. We'll show you what should be on each page of your Screenplay to make it that Killer Script. And your Beats automatically permeate down to be visible in your Notes and your Edit!

2. Thrash those Beats - Notes

With a *BS2 guide there for reference our Free Form Notepad, lets your creativity run wild without the need to worry about Format. Work on the Beats in your your story until it is lean and mean, packs a punch and is ready to Script. At all times the script editor is just one click away allowing you to brainstorm your ideas.

3. Write your Script - Edit

With our inbuilt Smart Type Script Editor, writing your Masterpiece is even easier. Our software remembers your Characters and Locations so you can concentrate on writing. Work your script one Beat at a time. Each Beat you write comes with full anlaysis report providing guidance for when you are writing too much or too little. We make it easier than ever to Hit those Beats

Now - Copyright Your Script!

This is available even if you haven't used our system to write your script. Easily upload any PDF of your completed work and it will be kept in a secure online vault and you will be issued with a certificate to confirm the date and time of your upload. Then if ever needed we can provide independent evidence that you uploaded your work on a given date and time. This is invaluable in any copyright dispute.