Recommended Reading

Books We Love - And you can too!

First in our list,

Blake Snyder's Save The Cat.

If you have tried any of the numerous screenplay systems out there you will probably have given up on most of them due to their unneccessary complicated nature. Save The Cat is easy to understand for a beginner but grows with your own understanding. Grab this book now and kick start your screenwriting career.

Next recommendation is easy too.

The Hollywood Standard by Christopher Riley

There is so much confusion about screenplay formatting but this book brushes all this aside with clear definitive guidelines for every occassion you might meet in your writing. We love this book so much we have built all our formatting validation around it.

A new book from this site, that includes 12-months copyright registration for you first book!

FADE IN. by Kevin Powis

Everything you need to know to write your screenplay. This eBook is a complete guide and includes access to exclusive free software tools that help you plan, write and copyright your creation. Detailed information on every aspect of screen writing. Covers script formats in detail and explains every element that makes up a professional screenplay. This eBook will take you from complete novice or inexperienced writer to a knowledgeable ready to go screenwriter.

And if you like reading screenplays, here's one you might like...

SPOTLESS, The Diary of a Gangland Cleaner

Here's a comedy feature length screenplay that I'm trying to get to the screen.