About Blake Snyder, his system 'BS2'

..and saving the Cat

Blake Snyder was a screenwriter who devised a screen writing system which he called 'BS2' and described in his books, the first of which is called 'Save The Cat'.His system breaks down any screenplay into a series of beats. Each beat must happen at a certain point in the screenplay, it must be a certain length and must contain certain cruicial details.

When I discovered the 'Save The Cat' system I loved the whole idea so much I emailed Blake to say I wanted to design software to support the writer to work the way his system worked. Only to discover, sadly by return, that he had recently passed away. His system and his company still continue with great success. You can find them here https://savethecat.com/

The 'Save The Cat' option in this software is meant as a tribute to him, it is not connected in any way to Blake or his company and is not authorised, endorsed or in any way connected to Blake, his system, company or 'Save The Cat'. This software does not replace your need to learn the 'Save The Cat System' from Blake's books. It is a tool, that once you grasp Blake's system you can then use to improve your screenwriting work rate.

Watch a video about Blake Snyder's BS2